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Headquarter Frankfurt am Main

PM & Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH (PM&P) is an independent consulting firm, consisting of marketing professionals and marketing research specialists. The PM&P headquarters is located in Frankfurt and has offices located in Munich and Berlin.

The company is operating internationally since 1974. PM&P provides strategic and operative marketing and business development support to industrial enterprises, as well as to public investment promotion institutions. Besides a strong presence at the German market, PM&P is focused on the international market, working closely together with its international partners.



PM&P is part of a worldwide network of independent Consulting and Market Research companies


PM&P is covering the following areas:

Regional Development
Regional Development
Marketing Consulting
Marketing Consulting
Market Research
Market Research

PM & Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH (PM&P)

Lyoner Straße 34
60528 Frankfurt/Main

Phone: +49 69 66 80 77-0
Fax: +49 69 66 80 77-99

E-Mail: info@pm-p.de

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