LEG Thüringen

„Locations certainly belong to those products, which are extremely difficult to sell. Particularly, as the behaviour of our customers is determined by a very special mixture of emotinal and rational factors. But nevertheless, all processes are subject to market rules.As the Economic Development Agency of the Free State of Thuringia, we develop strategies to put forward the dynamic development process in our State. The cooperation with PM&P has always been characterized by mutual confidence and joint customer orientation - without compromise.

PM&P's know-how, especially when it comes to analysing the region's specifications and its target groups, has always been an important stimulation and completion to our strategies within the international competition.

Both with the cluster-oriented marketing as well as the location-based marketing in sectors like optical technologies, bioinstruments, photovoltaics, microelectronics or microsystems technology, we enjoyed the strong expertise of PM&P.

We particularly appreciate PM&P's methdology know-how and the lively communication with their consultants. In many presentations and workshops the PM&P-team made an important contribution for the integration and motivation of our team members."
Horst Albert
Head of Economic Development LEG Thuringia