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PM&P MARKET RESEARCH is a business unit of PM&Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH specializing in Marketing Research for the Healthcare Industry, with a focus on  Medical Devices and Diagnostics.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide marketing executives with the tools and data needed for informed decision making, based on intelligent project design, high quality data collection, and insightful analysis.


PM&P is member of the European Society For Opinion And Marketing ResearchAs a member of the European Society For Opinion And Marketing Research (ESOMAR), PM&P is committed to the professional guidelines and ethics laid down in the ESOMAR Code of Conduct. Total integrity is a core value to us in the relationships to both our clients and respondents.


Service Offering

PM&P is a full-service research agency, applying qualitative and quantitative research techniques tailored to the specific client need.

Furthermore, PM&P offers syndicated research into selected markets, e.g., the IVD Service Monitor.

The largest portion of our business is for the Healthcare Industry, and in some sectors of this market, for instance Laboratory Diagnostics, we have developed an unparalleled expertise accrued from virtually hundreds of assignments for the world's industry leaders. In addition, PM&P has gained a wealth of experience in other markets, primarily in the field of technical products and general Business-to-Business Research.

Through our affiliation with GLOBAL MARKET RESEARCH, one of the largest international Market Research organizations, PM&P has access to local expertise in over 30 countries around the world, and proven experience in coordinating international research assignments.

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