TeamNEO – Business Development Organization in Northeast Ohio

"It is my privilege to recommend the services of PM&P Marketing Consulting (PM&P). TeamNEO contracted PM&P as our business development and trade representative in Western Europe for several years and we were extremely pleased by their service delivery.

PM&P performed not only FDI attraction, but also was charged with organizing missions for TeamNEO members to Europe to engage with FDI-prsopects, relevant associations as well as European economic development organizations with interest in identifying mutual business opportunities. Additionally, PM&P was responsible for performing market research and entry strategies and identifying appropriate distributors, market experts and customers for companies in Europe to connect with the TeamNEO region.

PM&P exceeded our expectations with a very transparent approach and communication. We benefited from our work with PM&P and we continue to maintain a cooperative relationship with PM&P."

Jay P. Foran

Senior Vice President