COVID-19: Message from the CEO


To all our clients, partners and friends,

I hope this message finds you well and most of all in good health.

The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecidented time for everyone. Given the current circumstances and the unique challenges we all have to cope with, I wanted to let you know how PM&P is operating during these times.

As an active contribution to our society’s efforts to flatten the curve, most of PM&P’s staff is working remotely these days.

Given that in-person meetings, e.g., at trade fairs are currently not practical, we are replacing them with virtual meetings. Experience from the past weeks shows a surprisingly high degree of acceptance among prospects and multipliers and chances are good that video conferencing and e-networking platforms will emerge from this crisis as a new facet of German business life.

PM&P’s consultants stay in closer than ever contact and exchange with our clients in order to develop customized and efficient strategies to maintain and foster economic strength. Please rest assured that we are working relentlessly to fulfill our contracts to our client´s highest expectations and that we are constantly exploring innovative approaches to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances.

COVID-19 is a true pandemic. None of the regions we are operating in and that we are serving has been spared and every single one is adopting drastic measures to protect their people from the effects of the virus. Through our extensive international network, we at PM&P have the privilege to have access to firsthand information on the social and economic impact of these interventions, which we would like to share with you for a better understanding of the world around us. I invite you to study the very insightful country reports in the "Latest" section on our website which will be continuously added and updated.

I hope that your businesses are weathering the storm well and that we will emerge from this situation with the least possible damage and renewed strength.

Sending best wishes for everyone’s health and well-being,

Michael Hass
PM & Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH

Michael Hass