PM & Partner is part of Offshore Wind Supply Chain Development Initiative in Virginia (USA)

Frankfurt, July 29 2020

The Hampton Roads Alliance, the leading regional economic development organization for the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, has announced a new initiative to develop a comprehensive supply chain to serve the east coast offshore wind industry. This initiative will position Hampton Roads as the premier destination for offshore wind companies to invest, while also creating new economic prospects for existing businesses, attracting new investments to the region, and sparking new permanent job creation.

PM & Partner has been selected to be the first US Economic Development office in Europe with a focus on offshore wind energy. PM&P will engage with European-based companies and promote the assets of the Hampton Roads region.

“We as the European arm of the Hampton Roads Alliance are thrilled to represent this initiative. As one of the first pioneers to help European offshore wind companies navigate through the U.S. and Hampton Roads, the Alliance will start by opening an office in Frankfurt,” said Andreas Paulicks, Director Europe, Hampton Roads Alliance Offshore Wind Office. “This decision is based on the fact that Europe and especially Germany are among the leading nations within the renewable energy industry and in particular offshore wind. The strong presence of renewable energy in Europe will bring great opportunities to support investments from Europe to Hampton Roads.”

This initiative will entail efforts to both recruit offshore wind companies to establish operations in the region, while simultaneously identifying opportunities for existing Virginia businesses to become part of the supply chain.

Hampton Roads is uniquely positioned to support the growing $100 billion East Coast offshore wind industry. The region boasts unmatched port infrastructure, America’s largest and most skilled maritime workforce, no overhead bridge restrictions between key port facilities and the open ocean, and abundant waterfront land.

PM&P has been representing the Hampton Roads Alliance for several years and we are very proud to be part in bringing this new industry of renewable energy to the region.

Andreas Paulicks

Senior Partner