Assistance in Selling a Company


Succession problems, strategic changes or site closures – there are many reasons for the sale of companies. PM&P has gained strong experience in sales of whole or parts of enterprises for family-owned companies, medium-sized companies or group companies. And whether divestment, company succession, or company transition, PM&P is prepared to assist with an efficient and successful sales process by leveraging our extensive contact network and proprietary database.

Based on your preferences, we define the requirements for buyers and thus the relevant criteria catalogue for the identification of potential buyers and the sales process. To guarantee the completely confidential handling of the sales process, we need to develop a mutually relevant strategy, ensuring your company’s anonymity and that all sensitive information is protected.

Our experience indicates that it is necessary to define possible scenarios for the sale (based on the type of buyer) and to set the relevant priorities. Based on this, we develop profiles of ideal candidates for your particular scenario. PM&P prepares an anonymized brief about your company, which does not give any information about the seller, and additionally a confidential brief, mentioning the company’s name and sensitive information. The confidential version will only be made available to potential buyers after signing a confidentiality agreement.

For the identification of potential candidates, PM&P uses its own company database, which enables an efficient screening, and results in detailed company profiles. These profiles will be discussed with you to prioritize and develop a short-list covering the most appropriate M&A target firms.

Our clients benefit not only from our efficiency in approaching companies, but also from our contact network as well as our PM&P CRM database.

On your behalf, we will contact interested buyers and gauge their possible acquisition preferences. We are prepared to enter into any pre-negotiations and to support you during the ongoing proceedings.

We will be pleased to supply you with relevant references upon request.