Evaluation Consultation for EDOs


Today, EDOs often have complex structures, sometimes consisting of multiple organizations. Some include a broad range of stakeholders and associates with complicated funding and support processes. In a rapidly changing economic environment, this poses a significant challenge to attracting investors. PM&P assists EDOs in setting up organizational structures as well as evaluating and optimizing them.

The transformation of the structural environment for EDOs (e.g., due to the reorganization of funding pools, changing political guidelines, evolving labor markets, or economic trends) has an impact on their fields of activity.

In order to adapt to these new developments quickly, the current positioning and strategy of an EDO should be analyzed. Moreover, the strategic and organizational focus should be adjusted in the course of an evaluation.

The strategic orientation of the institution should be aligned to the objectives of the overseeing political authority.

Additionally, it is useful to compare the EDO with other organizations that face similar challenges. This benchmarking process is an optional part of our analysis.

Why PM&P as organizational consultants?

  • Organizational consulting for EDOs and other economic administration bodies has been a particular focus of PM&P.
  • We have a long-standing track record in the field of economic development. In our opinion, it is essential to have a fundamental understanding of the responsibilities, client needs, and working environment of economic development institutions for successful organizational consulting on that particular sector. Our project experience includes economic structure analysis, location development, investment promotion and support, international cooperation, cluster development and management, as well as innovation promotion.
  • PM&P is familiar with the economic development policy structures of states and regions on a global scale. In a vast number of benchmark analyses, we have dealt with specific issues regarding the organization of economic development structures. For the past 40 years, we worked with EDOs on the national and regional level in more than 25 countries. Drawing on experiences in those projects, we not only understand the structures of EDOs well, but we also understand the intersections between decision makers in politics, administration, and other economic and technology related organizations at various scale levels.
  • We support our clients not only in the development of strategies but also in their implementation. We therefore examine the feasibility of our recommendations very carefully and focus on practical solutions.
  • We work in close collaboration with local players. We have extensive experience communicating the organization´s internal perspective to local stakeholders and across organizations.

Elements of PM&P´s organizational development approach for EDOs

PM&P has successfully completed numerous projects in the field of organizational development for EDOs. Examples include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the organizational structure of ZAB ZukunftsAgenturBrandenburg GmbH (Germany) and development of a new organization structure through the redesign of the EU funds ERDF and ESF. The project laid the foundation for the development of today´s organization of “Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg | WFBB”.
  • Evaluation of the portfolio maintenance organization for the state of Berlin. As part of the portfolio maintenance, we outlined measures to maintain and expand existing company structures. Collaboration with other organizations (e.g. with the chamber of commerce, industry and local EDOs) played a key role. Development of a new organizational concept for the portfolio maintenance of the state of Berlin was a complex coordination process with all players involved. We also provided practical support over several years during the implementation.
  • Audit and reorganization of the international location marketing and investment promotion of the Investment Promotion Agency of Tunisia (FIPA). This included analysis of workflows, communication, lead generation measures and tools, as well as services for potential investors. We also helped to develop a new organizational structure and conducted workshops in collaboration with FIPA in order to optimize the strategy and to facilitate its implementation.

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