Strategic Location Marketing / Location Strategy


Location marketing is a very time consuming and expensive process, and any success mainly depends on the location strategy. The strategy to attract local and foreign companies for new investments or relocations is a key element for the entire investment promotion process.

Understanding this, there are fundamental questions that need to be answered:

  • What is the general economic environment for investments in our location?
    And, as a result, which types of investment will benefit us?
  • Which industry sectors would find a favorable competitive environment at our location?
    And what kinds of investments?
  • Will these investments grow, remain static, or decline?
  • Will our competitiveness increase in the future or is it more likely to diminish?
  • Which global trends in production and supply chains offer investment potential for our location?
  • Based on the analysis, which types of investment scenarios are the most promising for our location marketing?

PM&P supports its clients throughout the entire process of the location strategy development, including provision of data, analysis, workshops, mutual strategy development, or through to the complete development of the location strategy. The typical process is carried out in five steps:

  1. Economic Environment Analysis: research of local market opportunities, export opportunities, cost factors, labor market, infrastructure, logistical efficiency, etc.
  2. FDI Competitive Position: analysis of former foreign direct investments (FDI) at the location and at comparable locations (including types of siting of businesses, industries, major reasons for setting up a plant, and conclusions for the location strategy)
  3. Future FDI Demand: identification of economic developments and trends related to global production and supply chains, and the opportunities for the location
  4. Target Group Analysis: development of the long-list of potential target groups based on the foregoing analysis and evaluation of each target group, and based on the investment volume, investment growth, and location competitiveness
  5. Investment Scenarios: development of compelling investment scenarios for the most promising target groups/investment projects (i.e. concrete description of the business model integrated in a specific investment)

In the field of location strategy, we carry out projects with different priorities and formats for our clients – depending on research needs, analysis requirements, and demand for support and consultancy:

  • Workshop moderation to enable the collaborative development of the location strategy or individual elements of the above process steps
  • Analyses 1 through 4 (economic environment, FDI competitive standing, future FDI demand, target group analysis) in whole or part, or we can provide the data only
  • Development of investment scenarios based on analyses 1 through 4, or based on available target group analysis
  • Implementation of all steps – development of the location strategy, including investment scenarios

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