Market Analysis


Market analysis provides our clients with an important basis for decision making around their particular market penetration strategy on a national and international level. PM&P’s core competencies include a systematic preparation of relevant market information like the client perspective, industry expert opinions, and other important information and facts. Our core competence is in B2B markets such as advanced engineering, life sciences, IT, etc.

PM&P supports its clients in assessing their target markets. This enables clients to make strategic decisions with regard to possible market entry scenarios and market development, planned business acquisitions, identifying new application areas, strategic realignment, or the decision making to start a business.

The consideration and examination of important market factors such as market volume, market potential, and the competitive situation of a market provide our clients a sound assessment of the respective market structure. Utilizing vast experience, PM&P is in a position to develop individually customized market optimization and entry strategies to enable our clients to successfully position themselves.

Our process:

  • Defining and describing the target market
  • Evaluation of the demand of potential clients
  • Conclusion and strategy recommendation

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