Competitive Analysis


Corporations and SMEs conduct competitive analysis on a regular basis. They know their market and competition. But internally conducted competitive analysis has one problem. It usually is conducted with an internal view. PM&P provides clients with an external view and perspective to see the full picture.

With more than 40 years’ experience in B2B market research, we assist clients with gaining an internal and external view on the market and its competition. We combine all relevant information from our own database, our global network of sector experts, and the client’s perspective. We have only one final objective -- the development of a comprehensive analysis in order for the client to use all competitive advantages. PM&P offers short term projects as well as long term competitor monitoring.

Our competitive analysis includes:

  • Product and service portfolio
  • Customers of the competition
  • Partner agencies / Sales agents / R&D partners of the competition
  • Capital structure of the competition
  • Value preposition of the competition
  • Market positioning of the competition
  • Organizational structure of the competition
  • Marketing and communication strategy of the competition
  • Trends
  • Etc.

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