Cluster Development Concept – Cluster Development Strategy


Clusters are the engines for regional development. The focus of cluster development is cooperation networks between companies, scientific institutions, and other players who are prepared to provide added value within the cluster. Cluster development is only possible by trusted relationships among all involved parties. The responsibility for the formation of these cooperations in many cases lies in the hands of EDOs.

What does cluster strategy mean?
The promotion of clusters can help to support competitive advantages of a region. A strategy for cluster development should aim to increase the innovation capability and competitiveness of a region.

What are the results of a cluster development strategy?
A cluster development strategy needs to answer questions about how the dynamics of clusters can be increased, aim to grow the productivity and innovation ability of all cluster actors, and to boost the creation of new companies. The overarching objective of the strategy should be to identify synergy potentials within the clusters and to create conditions which grow these synergies. This enables regions to heighten their profile compared to competitive locations, and at the same time to enhance their reputation.

Our approach to develop the cluster development strategy
PM&P assists its clients in defining appropriate steps to grow innovation activity within a region and to strengthen existing network connections.

  • We demonstrate how regional innovation networks from companies, public institutions, universities, and research institutes should be organized to promote the innovation and competitiveness of the region.
  • We develop strategies for how the networks within the clusters can be strengthened, especially between companies, public institutions, universities and research institutes, and other cluster participants.
  • We analyze value-added chains within the cluster and define how to optimize the internal structures of those chains.
  • We explain how EDOs can support the cluster development by performing a moderating role through systematic promotion activities.
  • We present specific recommendations about which kind of structural and supportive measures contribute to further development of the cluster.