Customer Identification


PM&P helps you identify, segment, and evaluate potential customers in new markets. Using individualized segmentation, we identify the characteristic of each customer segment. In addition, we evaluate the specific requirements and your target group’s interest in your products.

Our work is an integrated part of the market entry strategy of our client and provides comprehensive information before entering a new market. This ensures a fast, efficient and low risk market entry. You can use the results of our evaluation as a basis for planning subsequent sales and marketing activities.

Our process:

  • Definition of important general conditions
  • Specifying demand on potential key accounts
  • Building a long-list of relevant customers on the basis of pre-defined criteria
  • Creation of customer profiles and identification of executives
  • Secondary analysis with customer surveys to evaluate their buying criteria, demand, and interest
  • ABC ranking based on desk research, and primary and secondary research and analysis
  • Building a customer database

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