Multiplier Marketing


Location Marketing needs intensive networking, not only with investors, but also with intermediaries – contacts that provide special synergies.

Multipliers are a very valuable source of investor contacts. Through their contacts, investment projects can be identified and realized, or your organization (in cooperation with a multiplier) can benefit from jointly winning a project. PM&P has developed a large and diverse international multiplier network and will leverage its contacts on behalf of your location.

PM&P has gained a lot of experience in how to develop a give and take relationship with multipliers. Real synergies can only be achieved if both partners benefit from the relationship.

Typical multipliers are management consultants, international law firms, banks with a focus on corporate banking business, venture capital companies, real estate developers and consultants, sector communities, industry associations and organizations in the field of cross border business development.

PM&P’S CRM database contains all relevant information about these multipliers, including details about organizations’ needs, expectations, and opportunities relevant to a cooperation.

Multiplier marketing is often closely linked with event marketing or PR and image building. Multipliers are excellent partners in organizing successful events, and they can provide valuable assistance for PR activities.