Location Development Strategy


PM&P has completed more than 100 successful location development projects. Together with our clients, we create ideas to strengthen locations and investments. We assist our clients not only with in-depth location analyses, but also with location development projects. We develop unique concepts to show you how to maximize your location’s potential.

Our location development projects are based on the following principles:

Companies and corporations are looking for opportunities, not locations.
  • The ideal base for the development of a location should be the wants and needs of the companies.
  • Your value proposition toward companies should not focus on what the location has to offer, but what the relevant target group might need and want.

The pre-condition for every successful location development is differentiated positioning.

  • For the development of a differentiated positioning or offer, it is necessary to realistically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Only after you realistically understand your benefits and shortcomings can your organization position itself toward potential investors.

Location development is all about context.

  • Potential investors are looking at the bigger picture. A location is not limited to borders, but to the geographical surroundings.
  • The development of a single location must consider, and integrate with, its surroundings.

The location development strategy must be easy to implement.

  • We provide our clients not only with an analysis, a strategy, and a concept, but also with implementation assistance.
  • Our location development strategies and designs are always ready to be implemented immediately.
  • It is therefore vital that clients are involved in all of our project steps and approve our strategy.

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