Online Marketing for Economic Development


Online marketing is growing rapidly, and especially in the field of location marketing. Location decisions and the relevant preliminary research are increasingly influenced by a growing number of online sources. Is it possible to influence the decision of companies looking for a location? The scope of online marketing possibilities is enormous – and the danger of making mistakes as well. PM&P offers advice with detailed knowledge about location decisions.

Online marketing is an enormously complex subject and B2B markets require a focus and selective approach. This is even more important when influencing location decisions, which are extremely rational and generally very structured decisions. PM&P supports clients by identifying appropriate measures for better online positioning of their location (e.g., social media, content marketing, or a combination of online marketing and traditional PR). The goal, of course, is to improve their fundamental visibility and reputation. (e.g., by search engine optimization, search engine advertising, etc.). PM&P assists your marketing team in achieving the very best results from an effective mix.