Location Analysis


It is crucial for EDOs to use state of the art measures to ensure that the right actions are taken. PM&P offers knowledge from 40 years’ experience in analyzing locations around the world. The size of your organization does not matter. We have worked with country, state, region, and city level organizations.

PM&P’s location analysis is based on the following principles:

Our location analysis is the groundwork for every successful location development.

  • Without knowing all necessary location information and facts, you can’t use all your resources to develop your location to prosperity.
  • To be a successful EDO, you need to know and analyse all of your relevant structural data.
  • Only by having all of the data about your location can you evolve your organization and location in the right way.

The location analysis must be customer oriented.

  • Successful EDOs and locations have one thing in common. They are customer oriented.
  • The focus of every location analysis should rest on the requirements and needs of the companies and scientific institutions within the location.
  • PM&P’s location analysis not only relies on underlying data and statistics, but also includes interviews with all relevant stakeholders like politicians, companies, and important associations within the location.

You need to know all your strengths and weaknesses to fully develop your location.

  • To create a realistic scenario for your location development, you need to have a fundamental understanding of all your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our SWOT analysis helps EDOs to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.
  • With a fundamental understanding of the existing industries and technologies, our analysis can direct your development into new opportunities.

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