Most of the assignments we get engaged with are about one simple question: What are the customers’ requirements, expectations, preferences, thoughts, attitudes, opinions or experiences? In essence, it’s all about getting to know and understand the customer.

This is the centerpiece of our service offering: Bringing the unbiased voice of the customer to you, by asking the right questions to the right people and having the necessary expertise to understand, analyze and interpret the customers’ voice regardless if it is a “simple” survey about image perceptions or a concept test for a highly complex automation platform.
Study Types (Examples):

  • Customer satisfaction measurement (products and services)
  • Market potential and opportunity assessment
  • Product concept tests / customer-driven product design
  • Win / Loss Analyses
Data Collection Methods:

  • Desk research
  • Self-completion surveys (online and paper & pencil)
  • In-depth interviews (telephone and face-to-face)
  • Round-table discussions (focus groups and workshops)

Claudia Hennig

Senior Project Manager